What is a sexual disease

Answer from Judy:

Known properly as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), they are a group of infections that by definition are passed via sexual contact. This includes oral, vaginal and anal sex.

As infections, they originate from organisms such as bacteria, parasites, or viruses. They vary in strength, from infections that are easily treated with antibiotics such as syphilis to debilitating immune system disorders with no known cure, such as HIV/AIDS.

Often, early treatment will resolve most STDs, however if left to fester, they can cause long-term issues like infertility, as in the case of chlamydia.

Answer from Eric

STDs affect both men and women, and the risk of catching them can be massively reduced with proper usage of condoms.

Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD in short is an infectious illness that is transmitted through unprotected sexual activity. It is spread through vaginal, anal and oral sex or contact with an infected area. STD’s can also be spread through intravenous drug use and can be passed during pregnancy from mother to child.

There are some 30 viruses, bacteria and parasites that survive and spread through sexual contact. STD’s have been around for hundreds of years and everyone is expected to be infected in some form or the other. There is an estimate of 19 million new cases every year, which presents a major health challenge.


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