What are the symptoms of syphilis

Answer from Austin:

Primary Syphilis : Mainly consists of chancre in the genitals of males and symptoms go unnoticed in the females after the incubation period of generally two weeks. The chancre is painless and therefore makes many of the females overlook the treatment for syphilis.

Latent Syphilis : As the title suggests there are no apparent signs and symptoms but can be detected by serological test for syphilis. Despite being symptomless the disease progresses and attacks various organs of the body. Main organs susceptible are the aortic valve causing anyrism of the aorta and brain causing tabes dorsalis.

Recurrent Syphilis & Secondary Period : Recurrent syphilis is mainly due to improper or inadequate treatment of the disease.The signs and symptoms are roseala or pink colored spots on the trunk with exacerbation of chancres on the genitals. The signs mostly resemble those of primary period with temporary healing of the chancres but with recurrences upto a period of two to three years.

Tertiary Syphilis : This develops after a period of four to ten years preceded by a latent period. This period is the most dangerous period of syphilis. Early detection and timely treatment may resolve all the anomalies, but if neglected this is the worst of all periods. Irreversible damage is done to the aortic valve of the heart given it a name as cardiovascular syphilis. Same applies to the brain naming it a neuro syphilis making the patient suffer lifelong with epilepsy and general paresis of the insane making one mad for life

Answer from Judy:

syphilis Symptoms in men: painless sores in the mouth, genitals, and anus.

syphilis Symptoms in women: painless sores in the vagina, vulva, cervix, mouth, and anus.

The sooner syphilis treatment is, the sooner it will be cured. Some studies have shown that early syphilis patients need to receive regular and adequate treatment. It must be remembered that it must be cured completed and do not stop for half the time. The cure rate is as high as 90%. Untreated syphilis or incompletely treated syphilis can turn into latent syphilis and will develop further. Late syphilis invades the central nervous system and can cause meningeal vascular disease, spinal cord paralysis, and delirium dementia. If the cardiovascular system is infected, the consequences can be fatal.

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