What are the symptoms of HPV

At some point in their lives, most people will be infected with one or more types of the human papillomavirus or HPV, whether they know it or not. A group of more than 150 related viruses is known as HPV. The symptoms of an HPV infection depend partly on the type of virus a person has. Common skin warts can be caused by about three-fourths of HPV types. Common warts can appear anywhere on the body. On the hands or feet, common warts often appear. The mucosal surfaces of the body such as the vaginal, anus, inner nose, mouth and throat are infected with the other 25 percent types of HIV. Genital warts can be caused by some of these types of HPV. Cellular changes called dysplasia can also be caused by some and these may lead to cancer. But, HPV infection causes no symptoms and goes unnoticed in many cases. Most genital infections go away on their own and are temporary.


During a physical examination, skin warts and genital warts can usually be diagnosed. Your sexologist doctor may perform a colposcopy, a procedure that uses a light and low-power microscope if you are a woman with detectable genital warts. It is done in order to find genital warts, which are too small to find with the naked eye, on your cervix. HPV types 16 and 18 can be detected by the HPV test and for 12 other high-risk (cancer-causing) HPV types in cervical tissue, broad results are provided by it.

The early symptoms of HPV infected are: when they are first appeared, most of them are tiny reddish papules, and the rash gradually enlarges or increases. And they merge and overlap with each other, showing a papillary shape that is uneven. There are various early symptoms of genital warts, such as size and shape, as well as various types of warts. This is because the type of HPV that causes condyloma, the length of the infection, the individual, the gender, and the site of the infected person are all different.

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