What are the symptoms of gonorrhea and chlamydia

Answer from Austin:

Chlamydia symptoms in women & men are different according to different chlamydia infection. There are four kinds of infection.

  1. Chlamydia pneumoniae infection (CP)
  2. Chlamydia trachomatis
  3. sexually transmitted lymphogranuloma.
  4. Parrot fever caused by Chlamydia infection

Gonorrhea Symptoms in women and men are also different according to if there is complications.

Gonorrhea symptoms without comorbidities

With systemic symptoms ranging from severity. Chronic Gonorrhea symptoms in men usually have no obvious symptoms, when the body’s resistance is reduced, such as excessive fatigue, drinking, sexual intercourse, urethritis symptoms can occur.

Gonorrhea symptoms with complications

Concurrent prostatitis, perineal pain, rectal examination prostate enlargement, pain, seminal vesicle enlargement.

Answer from Chris:

ymptoms of Chlamydia in female are:

• Painful urination

• Itching around vagina

• Painful periods

• Stomach ache with fever

• Abnormal vaginal release.

Symptoms of Chlamydia in male are:

• Swollen and painful testicles

• Swelling on the end of urethral opening

• Redness and itching of the head of the penis

• Painful urination

Sign and symptoms of female gonorrhea are as follows:

• vaginal discharge(watery, smooth, or somewhat green)

• Pain or blazing sensation while urinating

• The need to urinate all the more as often as possible

• Heavier periods or spotting

• Sore throat

• Pain after having sex

• Sharp pain in the lower abdominal

• Fever

• Genital itching

• Painful intercourse

• Swollen and difficult organs at the opening of the vagina

symptoms in Men:

Burning, itching, or difficulty urinating and abundant losses, often purulent, from the tip of the penis, which can become irritated and swell.

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