What are good and free video converters

A professional Super Video Converter must take the below points into review:


1. Easy to use: To the average person, the interface of Super Video Converter need to be intuitive and simplicity, which can make users get the function of each icon easily. It is better to finish the conversion process with simply three or less steps.

2. Comprehensive capability of ripping, copying and converting: A professional Super Video Converter must be equipped with the capability of ripping all DVDs under the newest protection technology. Meanwhile, it can backup DVD to a manageable size and convert the source video to any format you want or your device playable.

3. Wide range of output formats, devices and servers: If you think about your daily life a bit, you will discover that smart phone, tablet, computers and HD TV, all of them are your routine video entertainment devices, maybe also having iPad Air 2, NAS Server, Cloud Storage, etc. So a good-useful DVD Ripper should output all common video formats and the newest video formats to be compatible with various kinds of media players, portable devices and servers.

4. Video Quality: A professional Super Video Converter should convert DVD videos with original video quality in high definition.

5. Speed: Ripping or copying a DVD costs a lot of time. If you have several DVDs to convert, the conversion speed must be considered as a criterion for professional DVD Ripper.

6. Personal Demands: When transforming DVD, many people has some personal demands, like cropping the black area of the movie and adding some watermarks.

7. Price: Anytime, whatever we buy, the thing we have to consider must be the price.

8. Lifetime free update: Consering thr devices will update several times in their lives, the Super Video Converter should provide lifetime free update to adapt to the the development of DVD protection technology.

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