Do you want to save money on NYC attractions?

The Big Apple is not a cheap city to travel to so the more you can save the better you’ll feel about having fun on your visit to New York City.

New York Sightseeing Pass benefits

We spent two weeks in New York City soaking up the Christmas festive spirit and exploring one of my favourite cities in the world.


We waited until our last two days to visit the famous NYC attractions with a New York Sightseeing pass. They were the only consecutive days where we had nothing else schedule in and we wanted to get the most out of the discount tourist card.

In other words, see as many attractions in New York as we could with the New York Sightseeing pass to get our value’s worth.

It’s the first time I’ve used a city sightseeing pass before – can you believe it, with all the travel we’ve done?

I was impressed with the the value and so excited to share how to save money in New York with the attraction passes.

Table of Contents:
What is the New York Sightseeing attraction pass?
What NYC attractions does the sightseeing pass include?
Which is the best New York attraction pass?
How much does the New York Sightseeing Pass and New York Pass cost?
How does the Sightseeing Pass NYC work
Is the Sightseeing Pass NYC worth it?
How to get the most value from the pass
Plan Your Trip to New York City

NYC Sightseeing Pass

What is The New York Sightseeing Attraction Pass?
The New York Sightseeing attraction pass is a discount tourism card.

The New York City pass includes admission to several top attractions for one price. Additionally, there are discounts to other attractions and tours as well as restaurants and retail outlets.

We were given complimentary passes from the New York Sightseeing Pass to use during our visit to New York. We were under no obligation to write this post.

We think it can help save you money, so why not share the love?

The links in this post are affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission if you book via those links, at no extra cost to you! We’d appreciate it if you did to help cover our time in putting together useful free travel posts to save you the time and hassle in research.
What New York Attractions Does the NYC Sightseeing Pass Include?
New York holiday travel tips

The Sightseeing Pass allows cash free entry to over 90 attractions in New York City.

While it’s impossible to list them all here, I’ll share some of the top attractions in New York you may use this with:

One World Observatory
4 Double Decker Bus Tours, including hop on hop off and the night tour
2 River cruises
Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
Empire State Building
Manhattan by Sail
The Ride
On Location tours
Escape Rooms
Many of NYC museums
Walking tours of NYC
See more of the included New York attractions here.

In this post, I’ll also share the New York Pass which is another popular tourism discount card. I’ll outline more in detail below.

Many of the attractions they include are the same. Check them out here.

The Sightseeing Pass is the only NYC Pass that includes all Hop-on Hop-off buses for the duration of your Sightseeing Pass.

Which is the Best New York Attraction Pass?
NYC attractions

There are several New York attraction pass companies. The most well known are The Sightseeing Pass and the New York Pass.

Which NYC attraction pass is best comes down to what your budget, and time frame is and what attractions interest you. So do your research.

Planning a trip to New York does involve a bit of time and careful research. It is just too big and expensive, with so much to do that it’s not a good idea to turn up unprepared.

We only experienced the New York Sightseeing Pass so can only share our thoughts on that from a personal experience.

However, I have done some research to highlight what the New York Pass may offer.

They are very similar, yet will have slight differences in what attractions are included.

These are what I think are the major differences that will help you decide which pass is best for your circumstances.

Access to the 911 Memorial Museum was NOT in the Sightseeing Pass, but it is in the New York Pass. That was a little disappointing as we had to pay our $24 entry fee and wait on the queue whereas those with the New York Pass were going straight through.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Sightseeing Pass now includes the 911 Memorial Museum. This is fantastic news and definitely puts this card ahead of the New York Pass
The Sightseeing Pass had the One World Observatory ($34) where the New York Pass doesn’t. So in comparison to the World Trade Center attractions, the Sightseeing Pass will save you the most.
Both passes includes access to the 911 Tribute Museum ($15) (The Sightseeing pass has fast track access). The Tribute Museum sounds amazing and I like how it supports the victims families. We were too exhausted after the memorial and museum to visit. You can read more about it here.
With The Sightseeing Pass we could reserve The Ride in advance, whereas with the other city sightseeing passes you can only turn up in the morning of the day and hope there is space on The Ride for that day. It’s a busy attraction and going in every morning to try and land a spot is a bit of a hectic time waster.
The Sightseeing Pass is the only pass to offer the Gray Line City Sightseeing Double Decker Tour Pass and they have four different routes to choose from and the night time ride.
The New York Pass has three different hop on hop off routes on The Big Bus. These are great overviews of the city and I do love hearing the history and stories as you travel through the city.
But, be warned, traffic in NYC can be mental, so a tour can take up a lot of your time.

We did the night time tour, which I enjoyed, however it was freezing (as it’s upper deck, although there are heaters so sit under the cover part) and the traffic drove me crazy.

The New York Pass includes Top of the Rock observation deck ($34), with a fast pass access, whereas the Sightseeing passs does not. Top of the Rock can have huge lines so this makes the New York Pass very attractive.
With the New York Pass you have to collect it from a location in New York or have it sent to you for extra fee (starting at $8). The Sightseeing Pass can be used with the email confirmation on your mobile phone. (or you can print it off yourself)

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