9 pain in the office


After a whole day work, do you often feel pain in the neck and suddenly can’t turn around the neck? Has been using the mouse, the wrist will be stiff? For a long time facing the computer, eyes are dry and red? Lumbar physiological curvature changes, intervertebral disc herniation… Also there is finger pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, headache!


Ninth office pain

1. Cervical pain

Facing the computer, the neck is inactive for a long time, it will make the cervical vertebra physiological curvature change.People will feel the neck pain or neck torsion difficult.It is more easily to develop into cervical spondylosis.

It is suggested that the position of the computer screen should be raised by several centimeters, or a few thick books will be padded to the computer display screen, so that the former bow action can be changed to the head, and the cervical spondylosis can be prevented from the source. In addition, when the computer is operated, the waist is straight.If you already have cervical pain,you can use shiatsu neck massager to cure it.

2, wrist pain

According to the data, 5-10 people have carpal tunnel syndrome in every hundred people, and most of them are people who use computers for a long time. The use of the mouse can cause the tendon to be in a state of high tension, resulting in the hyperplasia of the ligaments, and the symptoms such as the pain, paralysis and weakness of the hands.

Suggestion: when the mouse is used, the arm should not be suspended, and the mouse with a large arc and wide contact surface is selected; the height of the mouse is better than the height of the elbow at the time of sitting. 1 hours of continuous use of the mouse, the best rest 15 minutes.

3. Eye pain

Due to light, visual angle and screen settings, 35% of computer users have similar symptoms such as dry, red, swelling, pain, blurred vision and so on.

Suggestion: when using a computer, you should put the screen at least 60 centimeters away. Every 20-30 minutes, the eyes look far away, relax. Take time to make an alternate exercise. It is the best relaxation for the eyes to increase the time for outdoor activities, or to exercise such as table tennis, badminton and so on.

4, finger pain

The finger joint surface is covered with a thickness of 1-2 millimeter of cartilage tissue. Long term exertion of fingertips may cause cartilage wear and even local bone spines.

Suggestion: some people like to play games with touch-screen mobile phones, but every ten minutes, it is better to stop and move fingers and wrist, if there is slight discomfort, hot compress in time. Use a touch screen phone to pay attention to moderation. When using a mobile phone, you should use both hands alternately to prevent overexertion of one hand thumb.

5. Low back pain

Pour over a long time, the lack of adequate support on the waist, body weight to lumbar total pressure, easily lead to change the normal physiological curvature of intervertebral disc, so the force of gravity is increasing, induced by intervertebral disc herniation.

Advice: choose high back in the office, it is best to have the radian of the office chair; a middle protrusion, certain hardness of the arc in the seat cushion above the head and lumbar line to keep the center of gravity is perpendicular to the ground. Take part in physical exercise.Or you can choose shiatsu electric massager to cure it.

6. Shoulder pain

Stay in the office for a long time, the muscles of the shoulder are in a tense condition, and it is easy to oppress the blood vessels, which leads to insufficient blood supply and cause pain.

Suggestion: after two shoulders shrug, stop for 1 seconds and then sink two shoulders. This simple shrug can make the blood flow of the shoulder and neck smooth, rebar the blood and promote blood circulation.Or you can use shiatsu massage cushion to cure it.

7, skelalgia

After sitting too long, the lower limbs are lack of activity. Then the tension and contractile force of the leg muscles will decrease, and the venous blood flow is not smooth. Over time, it is easy to suffer from varicose veins of the lower extremities, causing acid swelling, hemp, and pain.

Advice: take a walk in the office every half an hour and do some simple exercises on your seat.

8. Headache

In a closed office building, it is buried all day in the pile of documents. Tension, anxiety, stress and fatigue often lead to headaches.

Advice: eye too much attention to something too long, also cause headache, when you need to have a good rest of the eye, also can effectively prevent headaches.

9. Arse pain


Many people will suffer from the pain of the bottom. This is because the normal body’s spine and waist are protruding forward, while the sacrum is backward convex, thus forming a normal physiological bend.

Suggestion: After one hour working, we should move and go outdoor.

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