6 steps about user investigation

As we know,user investigation is the first stage when brands want to develop new products or services when doing business in china.It can help brands to find users’ needs,figure out user’s habit no matter if it’s Weibo marketing strategy or Wechat marketing strategy.Then company can get inspiration from the information and offer the efficient solution.

In other words,why we need to know what the users are thinking? The answer is simple. Whatever it is products or services,the value is to meed users needs.If not,it’s not worth to exist.We can’t image that who need the clothes that can’t dress or the mobile phone that can’t call others.

So when we do user researching,there are some stages that we need to do.

1,clarify the target and background of the user researching

Background: what’s the situation when the researching begins?

Target: what’s the objective that this researching need to achieve?

It don’t need to research all the facet.We only need to focus on the specific industry,specific questions.

2, Choose the target audiences

Choose the right target audiences.For example,if you want to search the Baidu PPC conversion rate, you need to pick up the users who don’t buy our products or services.

3,Choose the problems that use may face.

Number of questions:5-10(offline)  10-20(online)

Problems: the problems that users have when they use the products or services

Solutions: user’ needs and solutions


4, Prepare the questionnaire

Prepare two times questions for the users according to the plan.

Questions that users must answer.

Preview all the questions


5,the process of the investigation.

The best way to find out users’ behavior is to observe user’s behavior.

Ask: ask our questions to users,predict the answers.

Feedback: according to user’s questions,find out solutions.


6,Some mistakes usually happen when doing user’s researching.

Doing the research only for research, no target,no results.This is the big mistake.

Didn’t asked users needs. For example,”Do you think this function is useful?”

Interrupt users’ answer.

Try to persuade user.

Try to survey too much questions.

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