6 predictions about 2018 China digital marketing

1,Weibo is still one most important platform for business.

We know Wechat is mainly used to chat, you can chat with friends or colleagues.You can connect your family with wechat. But you don’t use Weibo to chat with others,sometimes you post some text,but no one talk to you in Weibo,So some people said Weibo will be banished.

But we can’t deny that most people like to visit Weibo to see what happened in the new day,What is the hot topic.They may not submit post,but they will comment or forward the event if they think it’s interesting.

So when some big event is coming,It always appear on Weibo first,then it will become the hot topic.It always attract a lot of attention.So it’s very useful to broadcast events.


2,The traditional digital marketing in China method will face challenge,new content marketing will be popular.

As the users is becoming younger, they are more likely to be attracted by new marketing content,like vedios,live radio.So now more and more brands are trying to use the new marketing method.

3,More and more entertainers will attend digital marketing.

Like the brand”Haier”,they have used famous entertainers to interact with their brands on Weibo,Wehat.This have attracted a lot of followers and attention.More and more brands will realize the importance of this new media marketing way,and it will be used more and more.


4,Digital marketing agency need to be more professional.

As the digital marketing is a new marketing way, brands don’t have two much experience, at the beginning they are trying the news things.

But now brands and business are becoming familiar with they marketing way,They have  more and more knowledge about this field. So it need the China digital marketing agency to offer professional service if they want to satisfy their clients.


5, System will be more important than team.

Now an effective digital marketing organization will depend on the system,not the team.We know the team is important,But system is more important than team.An efficient digital marketing system will be productive.


6, Business and digital media will be a whole system

In the past the business and media have their own field.Business offer service and products, media broadcast content.But in the future all this will change. Business will have their own media,the will become the digital marketing media to interact with their users.The digital media will find users needs and produce services and products.



A digital marketing manager is not just need to know the digital marketing tool and business procedure,he also need to know the users psychology and habits. He also need to create new marketing strategy. One solution can’t solve all the needs.

On the other hands,Human will become more and more important even it’s not as important as procedure.But as the creation is very important in digital marketing,the intelligence of human will become the key point of digital marketing.

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