10 tips about Weibo marketing II

Last article we talked about the first 5 skills of 10 skills about Weibo marketing strategy .Today We continue our topic.


The biggest advantage of Weibo marketing is interaction.If the followers don’t comment your topics,they will gradually visit your Weibo account less and less.At last they will not follow your account.

The first important thing is that the Weibo advertising should be no more than 10% of the total information.It’s better control it at 3%-5%.The other information should highly related to the followers’ interests.

Some Weibo business account usually use material reward to encourage followers to comment.But most users pay more attention to reward rather than the brands.

In fact compared with material reward, it’s better the operator reply to the comments of the followers,pay attention to users’ interests.This can better get more active followers.This is similar with communication between friends,The relation will become closer and closer,not just only material benefit.Only this relationship can last long.

 7,post article regularly

Weibo is like an updated electronic magazine, to make people develop reading habits, that is, timing, quantitative, directional release content. When they landed on Weibo, they could think about what’s new in your Weibo. Though it is hard to achieve, at least we should often appear before them, and become a habit in their minds over time.

It’s better to post huge amount of content on Weibo. A large number of releases can occupy Weibo’s front page. At least, it will not be taken place quickly. But it is necessary to ensure the quality of Weibo, the quality and quantity of the choice must be quality first, because a large number of low – quality blog will let the visitors disappoint.

A lack of valuable information or many spam.This kined of Weibo account can not achieve the purpose, but also is likely to be deleted or be pestered beyond endurance fans, they will not follow you.

8, Improve the professional level of Weibo

Weibo’s positioning specificity is very important, but professional is more important. Just like market competition,only professional can surpass competitors, and continue to attract attention. Professionality is an important competitiveness element of Weibo.

Many companies ignore the network marketing, Weibo is a contemptuous disregard for blogs and although many large enterprises, has seen the importance of Weibo marketing to Italy, set up for someone enterprise website, blog and Weibo update, but more and more enterprises do not have this kind of consciousness.

Therefore, for larger companies should set up the person responsible for digital marketing in china, or by the planning department, planning personnel responsible for the copy, a journal by the journal editor in charge of business. If a company with small size or no business ability in this area,They can find out a China digital marketing agency.

Weibo is not the decoration, if not to be a professional, but mediocre, it is not good to the construction of enterprise Weibo, because, as a “zero distance” interaction platform, negative information and poor user experience is very easy to spread rapidly, and the adverse effects the enterprise.

9.Pay attention to methods and techniques

Many people think that Weibo is like a short message,or the essay. Yes, but for Weibo official account, can not be so.Because we are not celebrities or individuals, we set up Weibo business account or Wechat business account is not for entertainment, we are to create value for the enterprise.

To make the the Weibo official account to run well,content transfer value is not enough.We must strive for some skills and methods. For example, how to choose the topic of Weibo? If your blog is asking questions or suspense, leading fans to think and participate, people who browse and reply will be more natural and easy to impress.

Again, everyone is interested in things that are not known, and adding some privacy topics will increase the stickiness of Weibo. Of course, the privacy topic here is not the privacy of personal life, but the story behind the product, which will bring fresh feelings and knowledge to fans.

Weibo users use Weibo in a leisurely way. Therefore, they should be as humorous and funny as possible, such as humorous, lively and interesting language. It’s also important for fans to have an instinctive willingness to pay attention to your Weibo, and to increase the brand’s affinity. In a word, the characteristics of human nature and the skills of communication can make your Weibo more popular.

Although Weibo limit is more than 100 words, but the boring content less, 10 words can say clearly the problem is not drawn out to 11 words. At the same time, matching pictures and videos is also a good way to solve the boredom. People instinctively are interested in visual images. Therefore, every blog with corresponding pictures or videos is helpful to improve the quality of blog.

  1. Control Effectively

Weibo has no legs, but its speed is amazing. When the speed of transmission is high, it will create amazing power, which can be positive or negative. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively control Weibo official account.

In order to effectively control the Weibo official account, there are many things need to be paid attention to. Here, AI digital also shares the following points:

(1), The post of Weibo is about one hundred words, but the writing difficulty is very high, be careful scrutiny to a post, so as not to leave the negative issues.

(2), Once there are negative issues, please control of the situation ASP, rather than let things drift.It is more terrible to ignore a very serious problem.

(3),When carry out activities,make sure to actively guide the process from start to finish. Because the subjective will of the netizens often leads to the development of the situation to the direction that is difficult to control.

(4) Interaction and information feedback should not be taken lightly. We must be cautious and prudent. Otherwise, we may have the consequences of “Butterfly Effect”.

Of course,The weibo advertising rates  is not high,post some Weibo ADS to attact users.

In a word, Weibo is a double-edged sword. Since the enterprise decides to pick up this sword, it should be cautious and careful to manage.

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