10 Tips about Weibo marketing I

Weibo is not just a media,but also entertaining tool for digital marketing in china.The value and function for business is highly depended on the successful operation.If there is few followers,how can businesses broadcast the brands.

According to our experience,A Digital offers 10 ways to do Weibo marketing in China.Hope this can help brands better use this powerful Chinese Social Media.


1.Choose the right topics and field.

We know if the followers’ amount is huge,it’s better.But for official Weibo account,quality of the followers is more important.Because followers must have business value.

This is related to the topics and field that the Weibo official account choose.Some business said that they have huge amount of followers,but the Weibo marketing results is not very well.One most import reason is they choose the wrong topics and field.

If we are doing clothing industry,then we must post events and information that our target audiences most care about to attract them to follow.It’s not reasonable only considering to attract followers.

  2.Design the Weibo marketing strategy and system.

We are always considering that every marketing strategy needs to be a whole system if we want to success.If we only rely on one idea,we can’t success constantly.Superficially Weibo marketing is simple.But some companies say the results is not very good.

In fact,Weibo marketing is a new marketing strategy,its potential function is powerful.

When most people thought that on line marketing is not reliable,Dell believed that internet can offer them big market.So Dell put the online marketing in their strategy,and they created more than 30 billion turn-over online.

3.Give the users benefit

The operator of the Weibo marketing account must have the concept that Weibo official account is not to get rewarded,but to give users benefit.As we know there are more than thousands Weibo official account,Why the followers follow our account?Only when users followed our Weibo official account,then our business objectives can be able to achieve.

So firstly,if we want to create a weibo account that have huge amount of followers,we need to post interesting and useful information.

We need to change our concept about value.Not only materials reward is valuable.We can offer some useful information,skills to our users.Or we can offer some interesting topics and information.

So the heart of operation of Weibo marketing is exchanging of valuable things.Only win-win is a long term relationship between users and business.

  4.Design a personalized Weibo business account.

The heart of Weibo marketing strategy is relationship and interaction.So even it’s business Weibo account,it’s harmful to make it as an official account.The sensible option is to make it as an personalized Weibo business account,the one which has emotion,reflection,personality.

If the user consider your Weibo official account as normal as others,it’s really not a successful weibo account.

This is similar with brands marketing strategy.It need to design the products or services to be different with other brands.Only this can attract users to follow your account with long terms.

 5.Develop new functions.

Weibo business account have the potential possibility to develop new fuctions.We can use our Weibo business account for consultant,after-sale services,weibo ads,company internal management,Weibo advertising.And the managers can use weibo to find out what the staff are thinking,communicate with colleagues.


………to be continued

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