10 steps to do digital marketing in China

China digital marketing agency

If you have an international company outside China, but ambitious to push your products and services into the Chinese market, the first thing to do is making your online China marketing strategy.

1.Monitoring local trends and news.Tracking local trends or the latest news is a good way to better understand local culture. Then you can decide what kind of products or services the market is, how, who, and in china.For example, Baidu has a trend tool to show you how popular a search word is compared to the other two words, as well as the latest news related to the word you’ve entered.

2.Create content with native language.Translating your English website literally is a way, but it’s not the best way. Writing in local language and understanding local slang can better attract users.

3.Build local websites

Register a.Cn domain name for your website and consider using a local host in china.

Designing your Chinese website is not just translating all content and product names into local language, but designing your website to match the experience or expectation of Chinese users. For example, Taobao’s website is always at the top of the product search list page property filter box.Remember,If you want to do business,Chinese website design is the first thing.


  1. Make use of the traffic of the local search engine

Plan your search engine optimization (China SEO) and search engine adversting(Baidu PPC),marketing your Chinese Website to the local search engine like Baidu and 360.cn.

For Baidu SEO, the local main search engines provide tools. Make full use of the data provided by Baidu webmaster tools. Enable XML Sitemaps to submit 360 webmaster tool usage.

  1. Research on running local keyword

Users interact with search engines by submitting their intentions through keywords or search terms. Keyword research and keyword recommendations using native keyword tools. A wide range of keyword tools is Baidu keyword recommendation tool, when you register a Baidu search marketing account, it is available.

  1. Using local yellow pages traffic

Hao12.com and 2345.com are just a few local yellow pages users already use for your brand to enter second, third, and fourth line cities or towns in the Chinese market.

  1. Attract users through local social media

Micro-blog(Weibo) used to be the “golden egg” of social media, an online broadcast tool for outspoken users, although its growth rate and active users did not grow as rapidly as micro-blog did for the first time.

Using Sina micro-blog(Weibo) in China to reach a large channel of the younger generation. Most of them have no economic ability, but will become the next generation of spend money like water.

  1. Attract customers through local mobile marketing

The user base of WeChat has been growing rapidly in recent years. The right use, WeChat friends, can be connected to the product or brand recommended a virus tool.

  1. Establish local customer care / support team

Your client care / support team member should speak fluently in the local language, and also work with your client in the same time zone. Most Chinese consumers are impatient, unwilling to wait or wait for a few hours of simple answers or service disputes on the answering machine.

  1. Use local online marketers, network analysts, content writers, or translators

With local residents to guide you in foreign markets.Chinese has always been important. In the local search engine, the use of the yellow pages, social networking, mobile marketing, you will need a local Internet marketing team including search engine marketing efforts, SEO staff, social media expert, writer, translator, the content of mobile marketing, Chinese web designers, product specialists and network analysis.

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